Hi, welcome to my little forum; an expression of my mental wanderings committed to written form. I’m just like you, a member of this human race, racing to arrive at a destination, that lies in the deep ether of time. We’ll all get there in the end, that final place – death, but let’s not despair! Rather, let’s celebrate the amazing opportunity bestowed upon us to form our legacy, write our story and share ourselves.
I run ultramarathons, silly distances greater than 42.2 km. I read voraciously; novels, articles, publications, newspapers, biographies – any and everything to learn about the world. I live vicariously through the lives of the characters I read about and I also live directly, by travelling the world and forming my own stories, experiencing my own adventures. I am an asexual; my heart does not yearn for the life-long sexual company of another. Physical training is my elixir, an addiction, a mental escape and it is when I train that my mind ploughs through the fields of knowledge and sows ideas that ultimately become the written pieces I create and now, share with you.
So, I welcome you again. I don’t know what you’ll encounter here; the publications depend on the thoughts that develop from the cerebral sphere, influenced by my daily encounters. The main topics canvassed are philosophical contemplation, training, food creations (more appropriately called failures) and a few of my fictional short stories. I only request one thing from you; please don’t be shy. Share your thoughts with me, both positive and negative. Tell me I am wrong or reiterate my views. As I share with you, I hope you will honour me with your thoughts too. Plant the seeds of contemplation and who knows, maybe we’ll both bear fruit.