Universal Prayer

Every night I am blessed with what I call my night travels. Be it the random firing of neurons, a disconnect of body and soul or just a chemical onslaught traversing my brain, my dreams are madly vivid. I wake some 4 to 6 times nightly as dream cycles conclude and oftentimes I am left with a quote, song, image or idea that I can’t shake. As my head hits my pillow I very much look forward to these journeys and more often than not, I find that all my mental woes have been solved by the next morning. I feel reborn and that is something I hope to never lose. read more

Sh*t Service – I’m not complaining, I’m letting you know!

It takes a lot for me to write a negative review about a business, company, service or experience. I like to reserve my energies to focus on the good things, the services I can compliment; amazing food, super friendly staff, efficient execution, reasonable prices, you know the things that make you want to return. I remember when I was a little tacker, being immensely embarrassed by my mothers unhindered tendency to voice her disapproval of poor products. If my twenty dollar sneakers from Target tore after the first week, she’d be the first to take them (and me) back to the store, expressing her disgust at the lack of quality and naturally, demand a refund. read more

Identity – when are you no longer you?

Who am I? It’s a bit of a loaded question, isn’t it. Maybe it’s easier to ask who I’m not? I’m not a pensioner, I’m not a terrorist, I’m not a smoker, I’m not 19 years old. These answers aren’t too challenging to elicit. Pursuing the same line of thought, I am a female, an Australian citizen, a brunette, 168 cm tall (weight shall remain undisclosed, naturally), a resident of the northern suburbs…I am a lot. But what I am and what I am not don’t really answer the initial question, WHO am I? WHO are YOU? read more

Toilet Toils

I religiously attend a 24 hour gym, morning and night, where I sweat to my hearts content. In conjunction with my workplace, I spend 90% of my waking hours at these two locations, home is but a place to eat, prepare for the next day, and sleep. 

The gym is a public place and as such, there must be a certain degree of etiquette; social rules that should be adhered to. For example, whilst I can walk around my home in my birthday suit, ie. naked, somehow I don’t think I would garner much support doing so at the gym; I won’t test it out. Similarly, I can sing to my heart’s content, pick my nasal passage, play my music at any volume and go to the bathroom without closing the door in the sanctuary that is home. I wouldn’t entertain the idea of embracing this level of freedom at the gym. read more